Effective natural behavior & health solution for Marin pets 

Need help for your pet suffering from anxiety, fear, trauma or mobility issues? Natural healing treatments can help when nothing else has worked.  

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How Animal Healing Can Help

Behavioral changes, shaking, aggression, tail between the legs, not eating and compulsive behaviours are ways your pet is telling you something is wrong.

Drugs only mask these symptoms of anxiety and fear and have possible serious side effects.

Natural remedies and energy healing can be the solution. I can help!

Of course, going to vet is the first thing one should do. But when you start to see concerning behaviors such as aggressiveness, shivering, panting, not eating, or fearful behavior such as a tail between legs you know your animal companion needs help.


There are so many different scenarios and figuring it out can be almost impossible.  That’s where I, an animal healer, can help because this is what I do! 


Through my extensive training with holistic healing and as an animal healer in Tiburon, I use oils, herbs, natural medicines and animal reiki in Marin, to help understand what’s wrong.  I help them overcome stress and trauma, make them feel better, relax and have more energy. My work helps release old  stuck memories that replay in their minds.  Relieving this stress will allow you and your animal to enjoy a closer, bonded, loving life together.


These sessions are powerful. The results can often be instantaneous. Animals love this work.  So do the moms and dads! Your pet immediately understand we are helping them.  This work also allows you the opportunity to bond with your pet and get to know them better. They know you are helping them and are extremely grateful.

I introduce medical grade plants and oils and use my skills as a trained Reiki energy healer to discover what they need by learning what they are attracted to. Animals have been self-selecting for thousands of years.  In their natural habitat, they are able to find the herbs they need for their health emotional, physical and mental.

Physical Issues Helped
by Animal Healing


  • Immune deficiency

  • Wounds

  • Skin and coat problems

  • Respiratory Issues

  • Tumors and growths

  • Burns

  • Bacterial infections

  • Allergies

  • Pain

  • Arthritis

  • Run down

  • Digestive problems

  • Urinary issues

  • Skin problems

  • Infections

  • Parasites

Emotional / Behavioral Issues
Helped by Animal Healing


Fear (fireworks, people, vet, etc.)

Help with pets who need enrichment

Loss of a companion animal or person

Trauma past and present

Compulsive behavior

New pets to the family

Anxiety, Separation Anxiety

Lack of confidence

Rescue Animals 

Hormonal issues

Senior animals


New home


But, living with us in modern homes they don’t have access to anything except what we feed them.  Most animals that have been rescued are lacking in nutrition and will usually choose one or more of the remedies that will help their immune system kick in providing them with the vitamins and minerals their body needs to get them back into great health.


When I am doing hands on healing you can join in and have a wonderful, relaxing healing too. At the end of a session, I leave you with whatever it is your pet needs and show you how to work with these powerful and natural healing remedies. Animal reiki is included in the zoopharmacognosy (essential oils and plant medicine remedies) sessions. There is email follow-up and questions are always appreciated and answered promptly.


Many animals in Mill Valley and Tiburon that I have worked with who had “trauma” and emotional wounds in their lives were able to release it out of their body and mind and return to themselves. It is wonderful to see the transition. Some who haven’t been playful all of a sudden are asking you to play.  Some become more affectionate and loving. The trauma can be inter-related with present behavioral problems or even physical conditions that change or go away.  The work is profound, and I feel so blessed to be able to help.  If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please give me a call.  Look forward to working with you and your pet.

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"Marji has a magical touch with animals. She was able to calm my completely neurotic poodle to a point at which she was lying on her back with feet in the air, which is unheard of. Marji cares. deeply about the animals she works with and is delightful to deal with. I recommend her highly for any emotional or behavioral problem you may be having with your animals."

~ Susan Hendrie-Marais

Animal Healing Services Offered

Animal Reiki

Reiki for pets is a gentle, safe, powerful energy healing that helps  animals heal by reducing pain, anxiety and stress. Animal reiki helps improve behavioural  and emotional problems and post surgical healing. It can be used with conventional medicine and help reduce unwanted side effects. At the end of life it can help ease the transition for your animal and yourself.

Essential Oils

Essential oils along are offered to your animals that contain similar or the same constituents found in an animals natural environment. This allows them to self-medicate and help themselves heal. It is pure joy to be with your animal and watch their joy at being offered this healing session. You will enjoy a much closer bond with your pet.

Natural Remedies

Healing herbs including natural supplements like algae, minerals, seaweeds and more are offered to your animal in an animal healing session.  I will leave you with the medicines your pet has chosen and show you how you can support your animal's healing easily. Two wonderful benefits are a healthier pet and the closer and deeper relationship that comes about after giving your animal the gift of this type of wonderful healing.


Mindfulness with your pet takes you both into the now moment where thinking stops and peace begins. Mindfulness with your pet allows for a deeper shared bond of confidence and trust where your animal healing can thrive. Reacting and over thinking changes to innate learning and this is the place where change happens. Deep healing takes place in the zero point of a quiet mind where the innate inner healer can then take over.

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Watch How My Animal Clients
Respond to Animal Healing

In the video above, I share with you one of the techniques I use to work with animals. 

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