Creating Peace Through Connection

Mindfulness meditation, being in the present moment with your animal is immensely powerful.  It works. Peace of mind not only helps your animal but is deeply relaxing for you. Your stress level will go down and allow your body and mind the peace and rest it needs to use all of its energy in keeping you healthy and in good spirits . The past can be dissolved and let go making room for new and more rewarding ways of being that benefit both you and your pet.


I use mindfulness meditation and some wonderful techniques from the Trust Technique about being present with your pet and teach you (as part of the session) how you can do this easily with your pet on your own. You will continue to be able to create a closer bond for the two of you. 

What to expect in a session? 

During this session I take you or your animal from a busy mind where she or he will continue with their problems and not be able to change to a state of total relaxation the zero state. You will see the eyes close and many times you’ll see their body start twitching and releasing which is a healing state. You may also witness the physical tell tales of release like sighing, eyes blinking and softening and yawning. It is here that self healing happens at a profound level.


The beauty is, once released from the body and mind it is in the past be it physical or emotional pain so even a rescued pup (cat, horse, donkey or any animal) who has had trauma will let go of its past making room for your love and affection more fully than before. It is the greatest gift you can give your pet and yourself. This is one of the biggest gifts of this work I am told by almost all of my clients and it brings great joy and a deeper bond for everyone.

Some of the many benefits of mindfulness meditation for you and your pet:


  • Creating a peaceful feeling in you and your animal  and a peaceful  environment 

  • Reduce busy minds

  • Have a closer bond with your pet

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