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I use essential oils in my treatment plan as part of my zoopharmocognosy approach. Because essential oils have a profound effect for both humans and animals, I've dedicated a page to share with you how such a simple treatment can have powerful results.


Plants produce essential oils to ward off disease, attract pollinators, keep away animals and insects to name a few ways in which these oils are such potent and powerful healers.


Essential oils are extracted from very small secretory structures contained within resins, leaves, roots, flowers, seeds and  fruits of the plant.  They are distilled in many different ways, one being steam distillation.  An essential oil has many different chemical compounds each with its own set of unique properties. Essential oils are very complex, an example is lavender oil which contains over 

199 chemicals. Some of its therapeutic benefits include antispasmodic, anti-anxiety, antibacterial, into-inflammatory and antiviral.  


Just smelling an essential oil can alter brain chemistry in animals (and humans) and therefore impacts their mental and emotional state. 


Just because an oil says “essential oil” or “therapeutic grade oil” doesn’t mean that is the truth. There are many suppliers who adulterate the essential oil with other oils that smell like it, mixing different species of oils, or dilute with oils that don't have any smell but produces a bigger batch that is less potent.   unfortunately this practice happens regularly. 

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