Animal Reiki Healing for Animals 

Reiki for animals is an energy healing modality that does not rely on any type of belief system for it to work. Reiki is self-guided and goes where it is needed. It is gentle yet extremely powerful. It supports the body’s natural healing process, reduces stress and anxiety and helps with pain and discomfort.


Reiki for animals helps heal at a deep level and animals love it. It takes them to a place of profound relaxation and peace that gives the body and mind a much needed state where self healing can happen. It is an act of love to give your pet (and yourself) this gift.

Reiki for animals helps the pet’s sense of well being, reduces stress and promotes relaxation. It is very helpful for sensitive, traumatized and rescued new pets. It helps bring trust and security to the animal which in turn makes your relationship closer and much better.


Animals love Reiki (as do their pet parents) and are very receptive to a session. I have 2 cat clients Mas and Cara  who when I walk into the house go directly into the room where they have their sessions and just wait for me to start. If you are animal is a more shy type, animal Reiki is just as effective hands off as it is hands on.

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How Can Reiki for Animals Help My Pet?



  • Helps senior animals with arthritis depression and other issues

  • Helps reduce anxiety

  • Aids relaxation to help with stress

  • Anxious behaviors such as pacing, barking or fear of fireworks

  • Emotional issues like fear grief

  • Helps an animal adjust to a new home

  • Helps an animal that has been lost and out on its own get over their fear and anxiety

  • Helps the parent and animal become closer and have a stronger bond

  • Physical issues like pain

  • Helps balance the animal and gives the body a boost to self-heal

  • Helps young animals cope with the loss of their mom and in bonding with your family

  • Reiki works with all animals domestic, farm animals exotic pets etc.

  • Can be given at a distance

  • Animal reiki reduces stress and relaxes nervous animals/pets

Call for a free consultation or to book an appointment.
Or send a message on my contact page here
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